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Details commitment to the excellence and growth of the company is based on client satisfaction. The main way this is achieved is through communication with our clients and associates. It is important you have a clear understanding of the way Details conducts business. If any of the policies are unclear please do not hesitate to call for clarification. The policies outlined here are important for clients to know and for this reason, while we do not have a length of service contract; we require a signed acknowledgment that the policies are agreed to. After reading through the policies print out a copy for your records. Please have a signed copy for your service provider prior to the initial service. The acknowledgement form will be placed in your client file.

Client privacy is of utmost priority at Details and we will never sell your personal information for any reason, to any person. We have secured this website for transmittal of any personal or financial information so you can rest assured of your privacy when using our site.


The crew coming to your home will be 1 to 3 people. It is based upon the day you are scheduled, the size of your home and the area you reside in. While employee turnover is an unfortunate reality in this industry we will do everything in our power to schedule the same person or crew to your home on a consistent basis. There will be occasions, due to illness, vacations, or staff changes that a different associate will service your home. All staff have a list of duties specific to your home and all associates have been trained to use the same process therefore differences should be minimal between your regular provider and a sub. We ask for your understanding in these circumstances. We at Details believe in providing opportunities for growth to all our employees and we are fortunate to have a client base willing to work with us to achieve this goal. It is important you communicate any special circumstances or needs to the office so they can be brought to the attention of the provider servicing your home. 

Gratuity is not mandatory but rather an option to the client. If at any time you feel pressured to leave a tip please call the office immediately.


Please contact the office if a member in your home is sick on the scheduled service day. We will not send a sick associate to your home and we ask the same in return. We will reschedule your visit and get you back on your regular maintenance schedule as quickly as possible. Sick to Details is defined as anyone whom is caughing, vomiting, has a sore throat, is home from school or work due to not feeling well, and especially anyone with a fever or whom is taking medication for a sickness. Having a sick person in the home, with the door shut, is included in the definition of sick for our purposes. This policy helps reinforce a healthy home environment for our clients as well as associates; a major goal of Details. If we are not notified prior to our arrival and we do not complete the service due to a member in the home being sick you will be responsible for the normal service charge. As you are now aware, this is an extremely important issue for Details Professional Cleaning.


You will be given a regular maintenance cleaning day of Monday to Friday. Please let the office know if you would want to be serviced on a Friday and we will accommodate as the spots become available.

You will be given an approximate arrival block of morning or afternoon. Morning arrivals are from 7:30 to 11:00 and afternoon arrivals are from 12:00 to 4:00. While we might arrive at 10:30 for 3 services in a row, due to scheduling we might then arrive at 9:00. We schedule in this manner so each home gets the time necessary for completing the detail cleaning. If you need a specific time, call the office to see if that slot is available. Please note it might be difficult to accommodate a specific time for each visit due to unforeseen incidents and schedule conflicts. Rest assured your home will be given the same attention as all others.


Please contact the office if a member in your home is sick on the scheduled visit day. We will not send a sick service provider to your home and we ask the same in return. We will reschedule your visit and get you back on your regular maintenance schedule as quickly as possible.

Inclement Weather

There will be times during bad weather we will not be able to get to your home. We must consider the safety of our providers and therefore even if you can get to work it does not necessarily mean we can get to your home. If the weather hits when we are in your home we will make every effort to complete the duties necessary but please be understanding if the providers need to leave early. It would be appreciated if you could call the office if your areas roads are not clear for travel. Regular service charges apply in these circumstances.

Power and Water Shutoff

Please call the office if there is no water or power to your home. We cannot do our job effectively without either of these. In the case of either of these being shut off while we are in your home we will do our best to finish what we can. Please note regular charges apply in these cases.

Lock Outs and Cancellations

The service providers spend a great deal of time preparing to service your home. It is typically their main source of income and they count on the time spent in your home toward their wages. We will make every attempt to contact you regarding the lock out prior to the provider proceeding to the next client. It is for this reason we charge the full cleaning fee if the providers are locked out of your home. This can be avoided by placing a key in the office. We understand there are emergencies that come up and will charge the lock out fee on a per lock out basis. Please note the cleaning fee will be assessed if there is a cancellation, other than emergencies, less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled service of your home.

Key Placing and Alarms

The office maintains a locked key storage for client's convenience. This also increases the efficiency of our schedule and negates any charges incurred for lockouts. Your keys are checked out through the office using a key log prior to service and checked back in after service. Please include a key to the deadbolt if you desire that to be locked along with the normal door lock. The keys are number coded with the codebook locked separately from the keys. We do not hold any responsibility for badly copied keys or for locks that are difficult to work. For the safety of our service providers we do not lock doors from the inside and then exit through the garage. No exceptions. In the event of termination of service arrangements will be made to pick up keys at the office. Please make a note that we do not mail keys.

Please give the office the codes and instructions to all alarms prior to the first service visit. We are not responsible for charges incurred due to alarm malfunction. Please note all service providers have extensive experience with alarms and it is not necessary to disarm them on the day of service.


There are three options for payment. The first, which is also our most popular choice, is to leave a check on the kitchen counter each service. Please make out all checks to Details.  The second option is cash payment. Place any cash payments in an envelope and seal to avoid any lost bills.

The third option for payment is invoicing and payment by credit card. This service incurrs a $5 per month processing fee, added to your monthly invoices. At the beginning of each month the credit card you have chosen to have on file is processed for that months scheduled services. All adjustments to the months service will be reflected on the following months invoice and processing. An invoice showing that it has been paid and the dates of coverage will be e-mail for your records.

All initial and one-time services require a credit card for processing unless prior arrangements have been made.
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