Details strives to give your home the attention it deserves-to bring your home to top shape and keep it there. When you call for service you will be given an in home consultation appointment. During this appointment your wishes will be addressed and a maintenance program will be designed to fit within your homes unique needs.

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Initial Service

There are three unique choices Details Professional Cleaning offers to begin servicing your home.

Spring Clean:

This is a full top to bottom spring cleaning. This service brings the homes cleanliness up to the Details standard in a short period of time. This option is the choice for homes that are going to be sold or have not had the attention needed to keep the home in top condition. We schedule this cleaning to be completed in one day, adjusting the crew as necessary for the size of the home and the work required. As an option to the homeowner, we will contract with our service partners for windows and carpets to be cleaned at the same time. The Spring Clean is truly our most elite start up with every aspect of your home having the Detailed touch. After the Spring Clean service the home is ready for our detailed maintenance cleaning on a regular basis. This is our most popular startup choice as it allows for the convenience of a "fresh start" in the least obtrusive manner.

Sectioned Spring Clean:

The Sectioned Spring Clean is for those who wish to spread out the Spring Clean over a period of 4 regular visits. A regular schedule will be set for the maintenance cleaning of the home. On the first visit we will complete the Spring Clean of all the bathrooms. On the second visit we will do a detail clean of the bathrooms and Spring Clean the kitchen. On the third visit the bathrooms and kitchen are detailed and all other areas are Spring Cleaned. On the fourth visit we will be doing a detail clean of the entire home. This choice is good for homes that have been kept up with the minimum of standards. Please note the entire home will not be completely detailed until the fourth visit. This is a good way to spread the time and cost of the Spring Clean over the course of four visits.

Detailed Cleaning:

The Detailed Clean is for homes which have Details standards, or close to it, already in place. New homes or those switching from other service provides are good examples and would qualify for this startup choice. While it might take a little extra the first couple of visits, the home does not need a Spring Clean service. The home is serviced as it would on a regular maintenance schedule.

To see the details of the cleaning we provide on a regular basis, refer to the Maintenance checklist.

The knowledge and care we give to Vacation Rentals none can surpass.  We have a limited number of units we allow into our service rotations.  Please call for Vacation Rental Service availability.

Details strives to provide detailed cleaning, every time, which along with exceptional client service has made us an industry leader. The regular maintenance cleaning we provide is extremely detailed and so within the company and family of homes we care for it is called a detailed cleaning. If you have special circumstances or a unique home environment please let us know during your home consultation. Each and every cleaning is customized to the home as well as the homeowners needs. We are happy to provide you with a custom cleaning schedule that fits into your needs. Welcome to the family of homes cared for by Details Professional Cleaning!

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